Our Services

We represent a 360° partner to all our Customers since we guarantee effective design and high quality production.

With our different departments we are able to perform the Customers ‘requests thanks to a variety of services conducted in accordance with the standard of quality and efficiency established in these 40 years of experience.

A characteristic of our services is the constant upgrade of the Customers and total control of the whole project, from its draw to its final delivery.

Services offered by SCS:

Feasibility study

Co-engineering and Co-Design

Reverse engineering

Project development

Realization of mold

Test and Assembling

Quality control

Maintenance and Repairing

In the initial phase a feasibility study is performed, anticipating all the technical solutions and the specific complexity of it.
The feasibility study is essential to start the designing of molds and mechanical processes that meet the Customer’s requests in an optimal way.