SCS Stampi supports the Brescia men’s volleyball team: the new partnership with Atlantide Pallavolo

We are pleased to announce the new sponsorship between the company SCS, a leading company in the designing and construction of moulds, and the Atlantide Pallavolo Brescia volleyball team, which plays in the A2 series of the Italian national men’s volleyball championship.

This new partnership represents an important step for both parties, who have decided to join forces to achieve common goals. SCS is a successful company in the mold sector, which for years has stood out for its attention to quality, innovation and environmental sustainability. Atlantide Pallavolo Brescia, on the other hand, is a sports club of great value, which has made itself known on the national scene for its ability to train young talents and for the results obtained on the field.

The sponsorship of SCS will represent an important support for the Atlantide Pallavolo Brescia team, which will be able to count on a solid and reliable partner to finance the sports season’s activities.

SCS has decided to invest in volleyball because it believes in the values ​​that sport represents: sacrifice, determination and passion for victory. These values ​​are also the basis of the company philosophy of SCS, which is committed every day to offer its customers high quality products and innovative solutions.

We are sure that this new partnership between SCS and Atlantide Pallavolo Brescia will be a great success and we wish our new partner all the best for the current sporting season.

Good luck Atlantide Pallavolo Brescia!

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