Die-casting dies for the automotive sector

The automotive sector represents our core business  with the production of die-casting dies.
As time passed the sector became more complex and high tech, car manufacturers and foundries need more meticulous suppliers.
Punctuality on delivering and the high standard of quality of our company made the difference and also made us a reference point in this particular sector .

Due to our forty-year experience we can consider ourselves professionally specialized in producing molds to the following sectors:

  • Powertrain: Gearboxes, cylinder blocks, engine flanges, overheads, clutch gears, steering gears and steering system.
  • Structural parts: rails, supports, support flanges, struts and consoles.
  • Truck: gearbox, flywheel housings, oil pans, sub-bases, mast overheads, cams and suspension supports.

Precision and reliability are our main goals in every mold we perform, particularly in complex fields such as the automotive sector.

Who we have worked with

Technology, development and innovation are available to our Customers to perform the most ambitious and complex projects. We have worked in the production of molds for the best companies in the Automotive sector, such as: