Machinery Park

Machinery Park

Keeping up to date with technological development and market, we have a high-tech machinery park which guarantees the maximum efficiency during the entire production process. Milling and drilling machines, erosion tanks, radial drilling machines and spotting machines represent our operational side, which pursues the target of producing quality molds which completely meet the Customers’ requests.

34 machining centres

The milling department represents the productive core of the company, with a selection of high-tech machineries that allow us to work on parts of different dimensions. Through the milling machines we are able to perform roughing, finishing and perform mechanical machining on pieces with maximum dimension that corresponds to 3.000×2.500 mm.

For the finishing of the surface we have the latest generation working centers with 3 and 5 axes.

1KITAMURA3 AxesStroke: 1000x650x500 mm
2FPT LEM 9353 AxesStroke: 3000x1200x1200 mm
3FIL FA 10003 AxesStroke: 3000x2000x1800 mm
4FPT DINO5 AxesStroke: 2300x800x1600 mm
5FPT PRAGMA 403 AxesStroke: 4000x1200x1600 mm
6MITSUBISHI M-V53 AxesStroke: 800x510x460 mm
7FPT PRAGMA 603 Axes + 1Stroke: 6000x1200x2000 mm
8 FPT STINGER5 AxesStroke: 1750x1400x600
9EUMACH LBM 20003 AxesStroke:2200x1750x650 mm
10FADAL MVC 4020 HT3 AxesStroke: 1000x500x500 mm
11FPT SIRIO M60003 Axes + 2Stroke: 6000x1200x2000 mm
12FPT DINOMAX5 AxesStroke: 3000x2000x1100 mm
13MIKRON HPM 1000U5 AxesStroke: 800x800x600 mm
14MIKRON HPM 1850U5 AxesStroke: 1850x1450x900 mm
15MIKRON HPM 800U5 AxesStroke: 800x700x550 mm
16REMACONTROL NBT5 255 AxesStroke: 2500x800x800 mm
17FPT TESSEN EVO L505 AxesStroke: 5000x1100x1500 mm