Die-casting dies

Metal alloy die casting molds

We produce die-casting dies of high quality and precision thanks to our cutting-edge machinery park and know-how of our qualified team.

The Customers at SCS are assisted at every stage, from the development of the project to the delivery of the molds then tested and ready to be used.

Designing in co-engineering with the Customer

The Customer is our main concern, we listen to requests and with the support of all departments we project and develop the best solutions for every mold.

Molds up to 55 Tons

Our machineries are able to produce big molds, to the maximum of 55 Tons.

Specialist in the Automotive and Industrial sector

We produce molds for a variety of different usages, throughout these years we became specialized in technologic advanced automotive and industrial usage sectors.

Repairing and maintenance

We offer our Customers the possibility to perform periodical program of revision and repairing for the damaged molds.

Why choosing SCS

Thanks to the capacity of our customer care and our high technological development, there are many companies who search for our services for designing and producing their die casting molds.

Our Customers choose US for:
  • Capacity to listen to their needs;
  • Punctual delivering, Customer monitoring production at any stage;
  • Certification of raw material and heat treatments;
  • Strict test stage and quality control before delivering;
  • After sales care with maintenance and repairing of molds;
  • Quality system and environmental sustainability, Certificate ISO.

Who chose us

Careful attention to the development and innovation, experience and reliability are some of the reasons why our Customers choose us.

Here are some of the Customers we have already worked with:

How we project our molds

During our designing we support our Customers in every single stage of the mold process development, through a co-engineering service which aims to obtain an exceptional product in terms of quality and price which also satisfies efficiently the companies ‘requests.

From our study of feasibility until our last test, each project we develop follows a quality cycle based on control and continuous checks and constant upgrades with the Customer.

These are the stages we follow for an efficient designing of molds:

Through the feasibility study we evaluate with close cooperation of the Customer all the possible technical solutions, taking into consideration the characteristics of the material and its usage to assure an ideal molding stage.

Realization and assembling of the molds

Once the project is developed, the productive stage starts, with the realization of the mold according to the specifications identified together with the Customer.

Our construction department is able to produce die-casting dies with the maximum weigh of 55 tons.

Die-casting die construction

These are the main stages we follow for the creation and accomplishment of the molds:

All the material used for the realization of the molds are submitted to many tests and quality control. Products which overcome checks and controls can proceed.

Assembling of die-casting die and test stage

We test every die before delivering, this way the Customer will receive a mold working perfectly well and ready to be used in the productive cycle.

The components of the mold are assembled together to verify their perfect functioning. With the support of the mold test press sealing of the mold is tested, checking strategic points with centesimal indicator and Prussian blue.

Quality control

Each component of die-casting tool is submitted to functional tests to verify the quality and certify coherence with Customer need. To be specific we execute: cold and hot control of thermoregulation circuit for the various parts with a temperature of about 100°, cylinder tightness controls up to the pressure of 260 bars and dimensional checks with appropriate reports we supply to the Customers.

To whom we produce molds

With forty years of experience and thousands of molds produced, we have become the reference point for many companies that need high performance die-casting tools. We cooperate actively in co-engineering with the Customers, developing the preliminary project so that we can assure the performance of the mold and prevent eventual future problems.

Production of many components and structural parts such gearboxes, cylinder boxes, support flanges and cast-iron transmission cases.

In order to keep total control of quality and precision of the die-casting dies the company follows very defined phases.
To get to know the development of the company’s projects in details: